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I’m a stay-at-home dad who makes $20,000 a month through YouTube and email marketing. The first year I only made 13 cents β€” here’s how I scaled up.

Now that I’m no longer a novice in this industry, I want to share with you the strategies I used in the past to get this far and make $20,000 per month!

Introduction to email marketing and YouTube.

By now, everyone is aware that YouTube has long been a source of amusing material, but it is also asserting itself as a crucial tool for marketers. The platform is so comprehensive that 76 various languages can be used to access it. YouTube is used by 55% of marketers as a component of their business plan.

Recent research on email marketing showed that it is popular across generations and enables companies to reach a large population effectively and affordably. 86% of consumers want to receive promotional emails from businesses they do business with at least once per month, according to Hubspot, with 15% choosing daily emails. The quickest method to publicise a sale, communicate company news, or remarket to past clients is via email.

Therefore, marketing via email and YouTube is a great method to spread the word about your company to a large audience.

We will look into YouTube marketing first :

1. Have a name or brand.

Your YouTube account serves as a virtual storefront for your company, giving it the appropriate appearance to showcase its core values. Never undervalue the importance of first impressions.  What you are, or your brand, should always be obvious to your viewers. Being recognisable and standing out from the crowd are made easier with a unique and cohesive design. Your visual brand identification plays a significant role in your branding strategy by communicating to your audience who your brand is and what it stands for.

2. Be easy to locate.

You can optimise your videos to increase their visibility on YouTube, just as you can use SEO strategies to increase the online visibility of your web sites. It can be useful to use free tools like Google Trends to get a clear picture of what people search for on YouTube in order to find a sweet spot, where a term is highly searched but not overly competitive.  You will rank much higher if you use clever keyword optimisation in your video material.

3. The value of the video’s duration.

Yes, let me remind you that people today have very little patience, but this does not imply that short videos only succeed on this medium. Your film should only be kept for as long as it is engaging. For all this time, I’ve come to the conclusion that watching the entire movie is more important than how long it is, which brings us to our next discovery. Try, though, to adhere to the 7–13-minute time restriction.

4. Consistent content creation.

In addition to having an obvious advantage for your audience, consistency can greatly affect the YouTube algorithm. Many networks have benefited from maintaining consistent publishing schedules to remain top of mind for viewers. Whether you run a regular content provider or a pop-up entertainment outlet, the choice of your approach is entirely up to you.

And here are some tips I would recommend for Email marketing:

1. What You Email Is Not as Important as Who You Email.

Despite the importance of email copy, personalization won’t help you if your contact’s hobbies don’t match the offer in your email. One of the most challenging concepts in cold email outreach is that who you email counts at least as much as what you say.A long-tail keyword search can help you locate people who share your hobbies.

2. Create an active email group.

You must concentrate on adding value to your community if you want to increase participation. Focus on engagement rather than the total number of subscribers, whether you’ve already established an email list or are just getting started. Email marketing makes it simple to do at scale. You should think of your subscribers as relationships that you are nurturing rather than as statistics.

3. Examine various templates.

The first template you use be the most successful one. For scaled-up email customization, a solid template is essential. Test a variety of templates at the beginning of your campaign rather than sending 100 emails only to discover that your response rates are pitiful. Make 3-5 emails, each with a unique hook or text. Divide the recipients of each email on your contact list equally, then monitor each recipient’s success using the relevant measures.Create a template out of the email that performed the best, then use it as a test for the remainder of the promotion.

4. Encourage your clients to leave you feedback.

One of the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years is that receiving feedback or compliments can help your marketing efforts, both on YouTube and via correspondence. Your satisfied clients are more than just a source of income. Positive reviews encourage more users to sign up for your product or service through the connections of current customers. In the end, this method aids in the organic growth of a high-quality email list. Make your clients happy with your product or service, and they will promote your brand.


These are the few actions I did to create a successful marketing strategy. The secret is consistency! Every little step counts, and your company will change eventually. I am aware that there is competition, but not everyone will be able to adhere to these strategies. But now that you’ve read this blog, I think you and your team are prepared to labour arduously and passionately to create the best possible future. I suggest visiting websites like Vexocore if you need expert help with marketing or IT-related issues.

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