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How to rank your website in 2023

So here are a few points you can note to get better rankings for your website.

1. Keyword.

-When your keyword is overly popular and has been operated and utilized several times, there is a lower possibility that your website may not appear foremost. Therefore, attempt to use less competitive keywords with good search volume. You can put in your keyword two to three times per page for better results but not too much.

2. Speed or loading time.

– One of the most crucial things to keep in mind is your website loading time, it should not be more than 0-3 seconds. You need to likewise comprehend that Google’s algorithm uses your website loading duration as an element while ranking websites. Eventually, pages that load quicker tend to rank higher in Google search results. If required, you can take the support of SEO (search engine optimization) or a website design agency to oblige you with this step.

3. Links and engagement.

– To rank a website, your main pursuit should be to fetch visitors to share your posts on social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, twitter and so on. This will enhance your website’s engagement and develop organic traffic too. Now, you might be wondering “how to expect visitors and more engagement on my website?”, well, this is all by publishing high-quality content regularly, not being too spammy, delivering eye-catching themes, inserting backlinks/internal links, and plag-free writing.

4. Easy-to-read content with a short paragraph.

– Many experts suggest that long-form content tends to get dull if you don’t get innovative and put in some unique touches. Hence, we recommend you add points or subheadings so that your subject can be comfortable and interesting to  read. It is vital to make readers feel as though he/she is conversing with someone while they’re on your website, reading something. So, try adding a table of contents, graphics, images, and charts to bring your idea vibrantly.

5. Avoiding plagiarism or duplicate source.

– Plagiarism is one of the many reasons why thousands of websites are not competent to rank higher on Google. Google itself has already cautioned you to evade utilizing duplicate content or copied sources, links, writings, or even images. You need to continually remark credits to the rightful owner if you have to resort to any of his/her works. Kindly refer to “Google Guidelines on Duplicate Content” for detailed information.

 Here are a few ways in which you can avoid creating the exact content as others :

1. Utilize synonyms of the words if you like to repeat or create similar work as that of others.

2. To know whether you have a unique subject, use plagiarism tools such as Grammarly and rephrase the sentence if needed.

3. Dodge or diminish duplicate URLs and check if all the links work.

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